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A Detailed Audit of your Speech so you Can Start working on Your Lisp and Increasing Your Speaking Clarity & Confidence.


A tailored & comprehensive audit into every single sound of English so you know precisely what sounds you need to work on to speak clearer.

Screening of your voice, delivery, vocabulary, grammar and workplace needs so that you get the bigger picture behind what your communication needs.

Complete the audit online so that you can fit it into your busy schedule and time zone no matter where you live.

Video based assessment online in a conversational format so that you speak as you normally would in order for us to get a valid assessment of your speech clarity and pronunciation.

A 30- minute private Pronunciation Feedback Session with one of our speech pathologists so you can learn exactly what your speaking needs and get your questions answered - Valued at $220.

Careful consideration of your current communication needs, workplace setting, career aspirations, areas of concern.

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Our Guarantee to You

Voice Science sessions are engaging, stimulating and a first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services. We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.



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